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How to install LED flood light and its precautions

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How to install LED flood light and its precautions


The materials used in the installation of LED flood light include LED guardrail light clips, transformers with waterproof functions, and sub-controllers. The installation steps of LED flood light are as follows: 1. Install the guardrail, punch holes in the wall, and the spacing is generally within 3 cm according to the actual requirements;

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2. Take anti-static measures when installing LED flood light. For example, the workbench should be grounded, and workers should wear corresponding electrostatic clothing and anti-static measures. Because the quality of floodlights of different grades is different, the anti-static ability is different;
3. Pay attention to the sealing during installation. The sealing is not good, and the diameter will affect the service life of the LED flood light; 4. The wiring of the floodlight should not exceed 25 cm, and the transformer with high power can be lengthened accordingly, otherwise, the brightness will be affected.
Precautions for using LED flood light. 1. Try to use the LED form in series, because the voltage difference of the floodlight is special. The peak current of ordinary LEDs is maintained at 80 mA, and the reverse voltage is around 6V. When designing LEDs, it is necessary to pay attention to the peak voltage and current when designing the circuit.
2. Use a voltage below 25 watts when soldering, and the temperature of the soldering iron should be controlled below 300 degrees Celsius. When the SMD LED is exposed at high temperature, do not squeeze its epoxy resin part, or wipe it with a sharp and hard object, because the LED flood light is very fragile. The welding time is better less than 3 seconds.
LED flood light is widely used, so installation skills and precautions are very important. LED is a new light source. With the correct installation method, it can ensure the stable and long-term normal operation of the flood light.
Through the above introduction and analysis of how to install LED flood light and its precautions, hope it helps you.


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