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Introduction of waterproof characteristics of waterproof led light

Introduction of waterproof characteristics of waterproof led light


The waterproof led light adopts an LED light source, which has a long lifespan, low power consumption, and durability. The structure of the lamp body is made of waterproof stainless steel screws, and the inside is filled with sealant with excellent performance. waterproof led light can meet the general outdoor, freezer requirements. Can be used in farms, vegetable sheds, wash stations, food factories, refrigerators, ice boxes, billboard lighting, refrigerator, freezers, cold storage, meat coolers, etc.

Low price waterproof led light
waterproof led light is a kind of subdivided lamp specially developed and produced for humid and low-temperature environments. There are two main principles of waterproofing. One is that the two ends of the waterproof lamp are sealed with glue to isolate the outside air, so as to resist the intrusion of moisture; the other is structural waterproofing. Through the integrated design and the integration of the entire lamp body, the lamp can be sealed and isolated from water vapor.
The waterproof technology of waterproof led light is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproofing and material waterproofing. The so-called structural waterproofing means that after the various structural components of the product are combined, the waterproofing function is already available. The waterproofing of the material means that when designing the product, the position of the potting glue to seal the electrical components is reserved, and the glue material is used to achieve waterproofing during assembly.
The waterproof led light lamp based on the structural waterproof design requires a tight silicone sealing ring to be waterproof, and the shell structure is relatively precise and complex. Usually suitable for larger size lamps, such as strip floodlights, square and round floodlights, and other medium and high power lamps. The lamps and lanterns based on material waterproof design use filling potting glue to insulate and waterproof, and use sealant to bond and seal the joints between the structural parts, so that the electrical parts are completely airtight, so as to achieve the waterproof effect of the lamps.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the waterproof characteristics of waterproof led light, hope it helps you.


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