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What is best flat plate triproof light?

What is best flat plate triproof light?


The origin of the name flat plate triproof light: Although flat plate triproof light has been popularized in the market, the "three defenses" of flat plate triproof light are not clearly defined in our daily habits. Traditionally, due to the needs of different lighting environments, dustproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, explosion-proof and waterproof may be required, but not every lamp can have these functions at the same time. We used to call special lighting lamps with at least three functions: flat plate triproof light, and some lamps that adapt to straight fluorescent lamps are called integrated triproof lamps.

Best flat plate triproof light

1. The manufacturing process of flat plate triproof light. Special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials and silica gel sealing ring are used to meet the protection requirements of the lamp; the lamp carries out anti-corrosion, waterproof and anti-oxidation treatments on the circuit control board. The intelligent temperature control flat plate triproof light special working circuit reduces the working temperature of the power inverter for the poor sealing and heat dissipation of the electrical box, and double-insulates the high-voltage isolation protection circuit and the plug to ensure the safety and reliability of the circuit; According to the actual working environment of the flat plate triproof light, nano-spray the surface of the lamp protection box to prevent moisture and corrosion, and prevent dust and moisture from entering.

2. Application environment of flat plate triproof light. It is suitable for wet and dusty places such as factories, warehouses, cold storages, subways, airports, garages, stadiums, various powdery semi-finished products processing plants, steam and water vapor treatment workshops.

3. Flat plate triproof light specification. Product light source: imported high-brightness LED tube, luminous efficiency 120mm/W, reaching 3000 hours of zero attenuation; tube shell: tube shell adopts T8 pure aluminum alloy shell and V0 optical flame-retardant PC cover; lamp shell: 100% pure polycarbonate Shell, strong UV protection; UV protection V0 optical PC transparent protective cover; shell and protective cover are made of pure polycarbonate material, the resistance is up to 20J, 2 times higher than ordinary tempered glass, 10 times higher than plastic products; internal design special prism, The light output is better, and it is easy to clean and maintain; the silicone sealing ring completely seals the lamp body, effectively preventing dust, moisture and water from entering.

With the rapid development of the large petrochemical industry, production equipment tends to be open-air, and there is an explosive atmosphere in the environment. Lighting fixtures are required to have three special protective properties for outdoor use, anti-corrosion, and explosion-proof. The development of flat plate triproof light will become an inevitable trend.


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