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How to choose led batten light?

How to choose led batten light?


The choice of the manufacturer of led batten light is very important, not to mention the reasons, who buys inferior products, and the troublesome maintenance. Here to share with you some key points of choosing led batten light.

Best led batten light

Choosing the right led batten light manufacturer is very important, not only to achieve satisfactory results, but also to save you a lot of money. Led batten light is mostly used for contour architectural lighting, advertising lights, bridges and river guardrails, landscape decorative lighting, etc. Depending on the installation location, the choice of led batten light is different, and different effects will be different.

To judge the quality of led batten light, we must first understand its product, which can be understood from the following points.

1. Glue

If the led batten light is lightweight, after 1 year of use, in such a serious yellowing phenomenon, do not buy this, because the light-weight glue material of led batten light is not good, and many of them are sold under the name of waterproof PU glue. Inferior quality glue has poor waterproof performance and is easy to turn yellow and gray. It is the same as ordinary. The price of waterproof PU glue is far from the price, which is basically more than twice the price.

2. Aluminum

Ultra-thin aluminum is easy to replace. When choosing led batten light, the regular manufacturer will first consider the good heat dissipation performance. If the aluminum is not easy to deform and has good heat dissipation, you must choose the appropriate thickness. The heat dissipation of the aluminum thinner is not Well, it is easy to be squeezed and deformed during installation. To obtain a high cost performance, the manufacturer must control the material well.

3. Selection of circuit board

Most of the led batten light uses aluminum substrate as the light source of the circuit board. Fiberglass board is also possible, even better than the quality of the aluminum substrate, as long as it is stable, whether it is aluminum substrate or glass fiber board, they are all good led batten light circuit boards.


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