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The reason why most families choose customized led downlight

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The reason why most families choose customized led downlight


The disadvantage of traditional downlight products is undoubtedly the problem of light source. Therefore, in order to improve the function of the product and solve the problem, a customized led downlight product appeared in the market. Undoubtedly, once the product was launched, it did attract the attention of the entire market. After the market survey of professional customized led downlight manufacturers, it is found that a large number of families will choose this product.

customized led downlight

One: the environmental protection of the product
In the production process of traditional downlights, there is often a substance, namely mercury, which is toxic and will cause damage to the environment. Most families have children. Based on the consideration of protecting children, it will not Choose traditional products, but the products produced by customized led downlight manufacturers do not have the disadvantages of traditional products, and have sufficient environmental protection, so that families can use them without any worries.

Two: the economy of function
Whether it is a traditional product or a customized led downlight, for any family, it is undoubtedly hoped that it can be used as a lighting tool, but lighting inevitably needs power support. Traditional products cannot guarantee that the power consumption can be maintained at a low level when the functions are running. , And the latter is the opposite. It has energy-saving characteristics. Compared with other energy-saving lighting, the power consumption is significantly reduced. LED downlight manufacturers believe that this is the core reason for the market to choose this product.

Three: the continuity of life
Any family hopes to be able to buy "durable products". The performance of traditional downlights in this aspect obviously does not meet the demand. Customized led downlights have unique advantages because of the use of LED light sources and related designs. It can maintain a lifespan of nearly 100,000 hours. According to the average time of household use of lamps, LED downlight manufacturers have obtained a data after calculation, that is, the lamps have been used for nearly ten years.

In general, customized led downlight can become the unanimous choice of most families. Customized led downlight must have advantages. However, after market research of customized led downlight manufacturers, it is also found that many families will consider other factors, that is, the aesthetics of the design of the lamp. This depends on the design capabilities of different manufacturers.


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