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How to choose a good flat plate triproof light

How to choose a good flat plate triproof light


First of all, many people have doubts about whether to choose flat plate triproof light or general light. After all, in addition to the use of similar light sources and similar structures, flat plate triproof light and general lamps also have many similar structures in terms of material composition, but they are far apart in price, making it impossible for customers who have not touched these products to decide.

flat plate triproof light

In fact, if you look carefully, you can find many differences between the two. A general lamp is a lighting device used in general places. In addition to the lighting and decorative effects of the product, there is only a difference in quality. For flat plate triproof light, in addition to the requirements on the brightness and chromaticity, the surface treatment is also very demanding for the installation method. In addition to the anti-corrosion, dust-proof and non-rust properties of the lamp body, flat plate triproof light must also have the characteristics of easy cleaning and no dust accumulation on the surface.

Flat plate triproof light is mainly used in high-standard dust-free clean rooms. The product itself also needs to be combined with the environmental factors in the dust-free clean room, which is undoubtedly a huge test for the lamp itself. Therefore, flat plate triproof light cannot be replaced by ordinary light.

Secondly, the difference between the pros and cons of the flat plate triproof light industry itself also confuses many customers. The person responsible for the purchase of a clean room engineering company was very puzzled. The price of some manufacturers of the same lamps is so low, which is about 30% lower than that of well-known brands such as Liangmeiju. In fact, there are some flat plate triproof light manufacturers in the industry whose products are cheap, but after use, they will find problems such as low light transmittance, easy accumulation of dust, and inconvenient installation and maintenance. The products will be found after a period of use. The illuminance is significantly reduced, the speed of light loss is fast, and even the lights will be dead and broken. In a high-demand closed workshop such as a clean room, the appearance of such products will undoubtedly cause a lot of trouble.

In fact, it is very simple to find flat plate triproof light, that is to say, look at the "people's heart". The aluminum of the product structure is a general aluminum profile, and the lamp cover is extruded using general materials, which can be obtained by the human eye. So what are the invisible differences? The key is to say the lamp bead and the driver, whether the lamp bead is full-watt, whether it has a high PF value, a long life and low light loss, whether the driver is qualified for use, and whether it can be used. A series of invisible problems such as burning caused by various unstable voltages are harmful to the rights and interests of customers. At this moment, only good products made with heart can solve such problems.

In short, flat plate triproof light is a must-have product for clean rooms and clean workshops in many industries at present. Customers must study carefully and choose a brand that does a good job of the product so as not to affect their own manufacturing and research.


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