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Lighting industry term

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Lighting industry term


Novices are new to the LED lighting industry, so what basic knowledge do we need to know? Often looking at some data, you don’t know him, but he knows how you look like. For this reason, Weifang Shenming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has compiled some basic terms. For everyone to learn together.
Luminous flux

—The energy that the light source radiates to the surrounding space per unit time and causes vision, called luminous flux, represented by the symbol φ, and the unit is lumens (lm).


—Used to indicate the strength of the light on the illuminated surface (point). The ratio of the luminous flux projected to the illuminated surface to the area of ​​the illuminated surface is called the illuminance of the surface, and is represented by the symbol E. The unit of illuminance is lux (lux)

Luminous intensity

—The spatial scale of the luminous flux radiated by the light source in a unit solid angle (per steradian) in a specific direction in space, called the luminous intensity of the light source in that direction (abbreviated as light intensity), expressed by the symbol Iθ, and the unit is candela (cd ).


—The luminous intensity of the luminous body on the unit projection surface in the direction of the line of sight is called the luminous intensity of the surface of the object, represented by the symbol L, and the unit is nit (nit).

Color temperature

—When the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as the color radiated by the "black body" at a certain temperature, the temperature of the "black body" becomes the color temperature of the light source, in lumens (K).

Color rendering index

—The degree to which the light source presents the color of the object becomes color rendering, usually called "color rendering index" (Ra)

Luminous efficiency

—The luminous efficiency of an electric light source is expressed in terms of how many lumens produced by consuming 1W of electric power, that is, the ratio of luminous flux to power, and the unit is flow/watt (lm/W). The higher the luminous efficiency, the better.

Power factor

—The impact on the grid, commonly known as grid waste. The higher the power factor, the less impact and the better the effect. The ratio of useful power to apparent power (the product of voltage and current) in the circuit is represented by the symbol PF.

The above are some simple parameters of the LED lighting industry. Hope to help everyone and learn together!

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