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Choose a reliable wholesale price led panel light supplier

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Choose a reliable wholesale price led panel light supplier


LED panel lights have been recognized by everyone for their energy-saving and environmentally-friendly features, and the price of the products has gradually dropped to the acceptable range for ordinary people, and the products have begun to enter the families of ordinary people. For LED lighting engineering and LED panel light foreign trade companies, LED panel lights have high quality requirements, good stability, and long shelf life. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality and reliable wholesale price led panel light supplier has become one of them. Big problem. When we choose a reliable wholesale price led panel light supplier, we can consider the following aspects:


Material comparison:


Most common brands of lights on the market are made of materials without any safety insulation protection. As a result, the LED light board becomes unstable, loose, and falls off. In the process of use, short circuit is easy to cause leakage, and there is a great safety hazard.


Chip comparison: For example, the light sources and chips used in the LED lamps used in factory workshop lighting, in order to save costs, use ordinary lamp beads, and the brightness of a single lamp is only 4-5 lumens, resulting in lower lamp brightness.


Lampshade comparison: Nowadays, the LED industry is developing rapidly. Because of its strong versatility and wide circulation, lamps have flooded into the lighting market of factories and workshops. As a result, various fake and inferior products flood the market, making most of the LED lampshades emit light. Average and darker area. Some products use inferior flammable materials, and there are great safety hazards in the use of lamps.


Authoritative safety certification:


The LED panel light product is an electrical product, so it must accurately meet the technical requirements of safety regulations, such as CE, ROHS, SAA, C-ticks and a series of safety certification certificates, especially by foreign third-party authoritative safety certification agencies, such as Safety certification issued by TUV certification body in Europe, SAA certification body in Australia and UL certification body in the United States. If the panel light supplier can provide a series of certification certificates issued by these institutions, their reliability will be stronger.


Price level:


The price level of the products provided by the wholesale price led panel light supplier can also tell whether the specific product quality is reliable, and the ultra-low price certainly cannot guarantee the high quality of the product.


Because in today's lamp market, some unscrupulous manufacturers cannot guarantee the safety of manufacturing low-end quality LED lamps in order to meet consumer demand. Consumers cannot resist the temptation of low prices. Once they buy it, the consequences will be disastrous and they will regret it later.


When we plan to choose a stable and wholesale price led panel light supplier, an important link is to buy some samples to test the specific performance of the product. It is best to buy in advance and do a long-term durability test.


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