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LED panel light components and technical details

LED panel light components and technical details


With the development of the LED lighting industry, the LED panel light derived from LED backlight has uniform light, no glare, and exquisite structure. It has been loved by many people and is a new trend in modern and fashionable indoor lighting.

LED panel light

The optical performance of LED panel light mainly involves performance requirements in terms of luminosity, spectrum and chromaticity. According to the latest industry standard "Test Method for Semiconductor Light-Emitting Diodes", there are mainly luminous peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity and dominant wavelength, Parameters such as color rendering index. LED panel light commonly used white light LED, color temperature, color rendering index and illuminance are particularly important. It is an important indicator of lighting atmosphere and effect, but color purity and dominant wavelength are generally not required.

Main components of LED panel light

1. The LED panel light aluminum frame is the main channel for LED heat dissipation. The appearance is simple and generous. You can use ZY0907. The cost of stamping and mold opening is low and the processing cost is low. The die-cast aluminum frame can have a higher IP rating, good surface texture, and overall Beautiful, but the cost of investing in molds in the early stage is relatively high.

2. LED light source: usually LED lamp beads use 3528, some people use 3014 and 5050. The cost of 3014 and 5050 is low, and the light effect is slightly worse. The key is that the design of light guide dots is difficult. 3528 has high luminous efficiency and good dot versatility.

3. The LED light guide plate refracts the side LED light through the dots so that the light is uniformly exported from the front. The light guide plate is the key point of the quality control of the LED panel light. If the dot design is not good, the overall light effect seen is very poor. Generally, there will be dark on both sides of the light in the middle, or there will be bright light bands at the entrance of the light, or there may be partial dark areas, or there may be inconsistent brightness at different angles. To improve the light efficiency of the light guide plate mainly depends on the design of the dots, followed by the quality of the plate, but there is no need to be superstitious about the first-line brand-name plates. The light transmittance between qualified plates is usually the same. Generally, small LED lamp factories directly buy public light guide plates for use, so there is no need to re-proof the design. The public version used by many manufacturers is usually of good quality.

4. The LED diffuser guides the light of the light guide plate uniformly, and can also play the role of blurring the dots. Diffusion plates generally use acrylic 2.0 sheets or PC materials, almost PS material, acrylic has a lower cost and a slightly higher light transmittance than PC, acrylic is brittle and has weak anti-aging properties, and PC is slightly expensive, but it has anti-aging properties. Strong. After the diffuser is installed, the dots cannot be seen, and the light transmittance should be around 90%. The light transmittance of acrylic is 92%, PC is 88%, and PS is about 80%. You can choose the diffuser material according to your needs. At present, most manufacturers use acrylic materials.

5. Reflective paper: Reflect the remaining light on the back of the light guide plate to improve light efficiency, generally RW250.

6. Rear cover: The main function is to seal the LED panel light, usually 1060 aluminum, which can also play a role in heat dissipation.

7. Drive power: There are currently two kinds of LED drive power. One is to use a constant current power supply, this mode has high efficiency, with a PF value of up to 0.95, which is cost-effective; the other is to use a constant voltage with constant current power supply, which has stable performance but low efficiency. The cost is high. Generally, this type of power supply is mainly used for export. The other party requires certification requirements and must use a safety-related power supply. In fact, it is very safe to use a constant current power supply at home, because it is difficult for users to access the power supply, and the lamp body itself uses safe low-voltage electricity.

8. Install pendants, suspension wires, mounting brackets and other accessories for installation and fixation.

From the perspective of quality control, it is most effective to spend additional money on the LED light source and LED light guide plate in order to improve the light efficiency. From the perspective of market sales, spend the additional money on the LED panel light aluminum frame cover. Pendants and other aspects can improve product quality.


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