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LED multifunctional germicidal light


Precautions for use of multifunctional germicidal light

Precautions for use of multifunctional germicidal light


Multifunctional germicidal light is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamps use lower mercury vapor pressure (<10-2Pa) to be excited to emit ultraviolet light, both of which are invisible to the naked eye. Multifunctional germicidal light does not need to be converted into visible light. The wavelength of 253.7nm can play a very good bactericidal effect. This is because cells have a law of absorption of light waves. Ultraviolet rays at 250~270nm have the maximum absorption and are absorbed. The ultraviolet light actually acts on the genetic material of the cell, which is DNA. It plays a kind of actinic effect. The energy of ultraviolet photons is absorbed by the base pairs in the DNA, causing the genetic material to mutate, causing the bacteria to die immediately or unable to reproduce their offspring. The purpose of sterilization.

multifunctional germicidal light

Precautions for use of multifunctional germicidal light:

   1. Don't let the multifunctional germicidal light illuminate people, so as not to cause damage. Ultraviolet rays have the most obvious impact on human skin and eyes. The human body will be exposed to short-term exposure to skin redness, itching, and allergic pimples; long-term exposure will cause serious damage to the skin tissues, and sufficient doses of exposure can even cause skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays are also very harmful to human eyes. Short-term and large-dose exposure can cause eyes to red and swell, shed tears, and cannot open eyes. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts and even blindness.

  2. When disinfecting the surface of articles with multifunctional germicidal light, the irradiated surface should be directly irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and a sufficient irradiation dose should be achieved. Because of the straight line propagation of light, when objects are blocked, reflection, penetration or absorption will occur. Ultraviolet disinfection requires that the wattage of the ultraviolet lamp per cubic meter of space is ≥1.5W, and the irradiation time is generally 30 to 60 minutes. It is also stipulated that the intensity of ultraviolet rays should not be lower than 70 ūW/cm2, otherwise the sterilization effect will be poor or ineffective, and the purpose of sterilization will not be achieved.

  3. The suitable temperature range for multifunctional germicidal light disinfection is 20℃~40℃, and the disinfection effect will be affected if the temperature is too high or too low. When using multifunctional germicidal light to disinfect indoor air, the room should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist. When the temperature is lower than 20℃ or higher than 40℃, the relative humidity should be longer than 60%.

   4. Pay attention to the wiping and cleaning of the multifunctional germicidal light tube during use. When using a new lamp, you can use 75% alcohol gauze to wipe the lamp tube to remove dust and oil stains on the lamp tube. During use, take and wipe regularly, do a good job of cleaning the multifunctional germicidal light tube, so as not to affect the purple penetration rate and radiation intensity.


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