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LED multifunctional germicidal light


Multifunctional germicidal light's lamp type_company direct_spot sale

Multifunctional germicidal light's lamp type_company direct_spot sale


The multifunctional germicidal light can be used to disinfect the air in unmanned spaces. It is not allowed to irradiate the indoor personnel with direct violet light, because it will cause harm to the personnel (such as electro-optical eyes, skin burns, fine spots, etc.).

Multifunctional germicidal light

In some places, there are frequent incidents of UV lamp damage, which are mostly caused by multifunctional germicidal light damage caused by improper use in human spaces. Therefore, when using multifunctional germicidal light for disinfection, it should be turned on for 0.5~2h beforehand, and personnel can enter the room after turning off the light. Multifunctional germicidal light can only sterilize unmanned spaces. Generally, ordinary hot cathode low mercury lamps are used with quartz glass lamps with high ultraviolet transmittance; some products allow a certain amount of ozone to be used for disinfection, but due to ozone It can cause headaches, chest tightness, dizziness and other symptoms. Therefore, when the lights are turned off, the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation for 30 to 60 minutes. After the ozone smell is no longer allowed, the personnel are allowed to enter the room to work.
Multifunctional germicidal light has mobile type and fixed type. When using mobile lamps, a dedicated person should be responsible to ensure safety. During fixed installation, there should be obvious differences between the control switch and the lighting switch, and warning signs should be used; the design drawing should indicate that it is strictly forbidden to install it in parallel with the lighting switch.
The multifunctional germicidal light has simple structure, low cost and good disinfection effect. Generally, it will not cause chemical or high temperature damage to the disinfected object, and its advantages are very obvious. However, since it can only be used for static disinfection in unmanned spaces, its application range is limited, and it is mostly used for static disinfection of frequently polluted spaces in hospitals and other places. The required power of multifunctional germicidal light is more than or equal to 1.5W per cubic meter of indoor air. We can determine the quantity according to the power of the multifunctional germicidal light tube.


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