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Talking about the light decay of led lamps

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Talking about the light decay of led lamps


Although the light decay of LED lamps is better than that of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the problem of luminous decay cannot be completely overcome. The light decay of LED mainly has the following factors: the quality of the LED product itself, the quality of the LED chip used is not good, and the brightness decays quickly. In addition, if the heat dissipation is not good, the light attenuation will also increase, and the life of the LED lamp bead will be greatly shortened. The lamp must use good aluminum to ensure heat dissipation. At present, a large number of plastic and glass LED tubes on the market have severely insufficient heat dissipation and short life span. There are defects in the production process, and the heat dissipation of the LED chip cannot be well derived from the PIN pin, which causes the high temperature of the LED chip to increase the chip attenuation. Use condition problems, LED is driven by constant current, and some LED lights are driven by voltage, which makes the LED decay too fast. The driving current is greater than the rated driving conditions. In fact, there are many reasons for the light decay of LED products, but the most critical one is heat dissipation. The better the heat dissipation performance, the lower the working temperature of the LED, the smaller the light decay, and the longer the LED life.
 In fact, the light decay of lamps is a necessary process for the work of lamps. When selecting lamps, we should try our best to choose lamps with better quality and heat dissipation performance. During use, the workload of the lamps should also be minimized to delay the speed of light decay. , Extend lamp life. Whether to cope with light decay varies from place to place. First, look at the need for illuminance. If it is an office area, the work surface illuminance may really need 300lx. If it does not meet the standard, it will cause fatigue and other discomfort. Therefore, places with illuminance requirements, such as offices, museums, and gymnasiums, must meet strict illuminance standards, and the life of LED light sources is relatively long, we need to consider that they must meet that standard after two years, so we At the beginning of the design, there must be margin. But for a hotel, is there really a difference between 300lx and 200lx? In fact, there is no difference, because the illuminance is not important at that time. What is more important is whether the distribution of illuminance meets the conversion and creation purpose of atmosphere and scene, as well as the control of glare. In hotel applications, we pay more attention to the feeling of people walking in. In the construction of the entire light environment, the specific illuminance is not much different, because people's visual perception is very flexible.

  For some special occasions, such as the illuminance of a salon, the highest place is more than 1000lx, and the darkest place is 10lx. It does not feel very comfortable, and the contrast of light and dark is quite atmospheric. The hotel needs this effect, so for the hotel Generally speaking, illuminance is not so important, that is to say, a certain range of light attenuation is not so important. It depends on the occasion and requirements. If the decorative effect is used, it only needs to have colorful colors, such as red, green, blue and other LED tubes. There is no need to consider the light decay problem, and only pay attention to the color effect. Only two issues need to be considered at this time. The first is safety and reliability. Try to improve the reliability. There should be no damage in the middle, so as not to affect the overall decoration effect. The second is waterproof. If used outdoors, the waterproof level should be at least IP65-IP68, otherwise, don't Keep it outdoors. If the water leaks, the direct result is damage. If it is not handled well, it will easily leak. At this time, safety and reliability have become our main consideration.

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